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STUDIO CITY ( — It’s the story of a woman who has created a dream ride for herself with two successful careers in opposite industries.

CBS2’s Rick Garcia spoke with Jolie Oliver, who has been employed by UCLA for 31 years while also working in the entertainment industry.
“Everything about my career is getting better every year,” said Oliver. “Every year, I know more; I do more; I’m better; I want more.”
Oliver explained she has worked as an executive assistant under five UCLA Bruins coaches, and runs just about everything in the football office.

“Another very important lesson for me along the way was there are more hours in the day than we think,” Oliver added. “How do you juggle it? It’s basically you prioritize.”

Her main responsibilities include taking care of the needs of UCLA head football coach Jim Mora.

“I don’t know what I’d do without her,” said Mora. “I don’t want to think like that because we all depend on her. It means a lot to everybody that she’s here. The history and tradition; and just the spirit that she has.”

About five years into her career with UCLA, Oliver became a stand up comedian.

She then furthered her career through studying acting, which eventually led to producing and starring in the critically acclaimed play “The Old Settler,” which ran for nine weeks at the Pico Playhouse in Los Angeles.

“I decided that I wanted to produce this play,” said Oliver. “I started raising money. I had four different fundraising campaigns.”

She also produced and directed five short films, and a web series comedy called “Salts and Peppers.”

Oliver graduated in 1979 as a UCLA Theater Arts major.