My long-time friends, (Dan Warner and Don Agronsky), and I form “TEAM CELEBRATE” and go all the way to victory and $10,000 on COMMON KNOWLEDGE.

Team Celebrate!

Watch us on COMMON KNOWLEDGE, Game Show Network, Monday 2/18 at 5:30 PM ET.

Watch us play COMMON KNOWLEDE!

AIRS Monday, February 18th at 5:30 ET on GAME SHOW NETWORK.  #CommonKnowledge  @realjoeyfatone @GameShowNetwork

QAK at Pan African Film Festival Feb. 10 and 15, 2017

Photograph from the premier screening of QUIET AS KEPT


QUIET AS KEPT debuts at IFS Film Festival on May 30th!

QUIET AS KEPT will be showing as part of the IFS Film Festival on Monday, May 30th at 6:30pm at the Music Hall Theater in Beverly Hills. If you have an interest in seeing it, tickets can be purchased on the theater’s website below for $14 each:

Dream of a Dance

In production is my latest directorial project, “Dream of a Dance.” It will be submitted to the Site of Sound Film Festival in March.

Stay tuned for updates!


New Website

Welcome to my new site! Exciting things are on the horizon, and I’m pleased to have this new platform to share it all with you. Stay tuned.